September 10, 2016
Sep 10 2016

2014375_landconcern_post_no1_images_1920x958_01Land Concern is embarking on a new adventure, and we’re excited to share the journey with colleagues and friends. Introducing HAPPENINGS, a news and blog outlet designed to share the latest in updates, inspiration and daily life around the Land Concern community.

The world around us constantly motivates, amuses, challenges and engages each person differently. Many of us here at Land Concern express our passions and interests in creative and thoughtful ways, and we are constantly inspiring each other – both in and outside of the office.

As information and inspiration become easier to access through new technologies, landscape architecture has entered a junction in which many disciplines and philosophies come together, naturally inviting opportunities to explore and create.

Taking cues from the beauty of our natural environment, and using the medium of our creative work in designing and constructing spaces, we at Land Concern are excited to show another dimension of who we are, where we’re going, and what our work inspires.