September 12, 2016
Sep 12 2016

2014375_landconcern_post_no2_images_1920x958_01The Land Concern kitchen tables (outdated and slightly wobbly) were long overdue for a refresh. Designed to promote a sense of togetherness through communal seating, the old rounded tables were replaced with one long table for everyone to come together at.

After researching various table options, trestle designs, slab tops and farm tables, our team eventually found design inspiration from an unlikely source: a bench design video by Mike Montgomery on YouTube.

2014375_landconcern_post_no2_images_1920x958_022014375_landconcern_post_no2_images_1920x958_03Our design team scaled up the dimensions of the original project and developed a span on each end to create space for additional seating. To give it a personal and branded touch, we also incorporated the red from the Land Concern logo into the angle iron supports, as well as our wordmark on the top and sides.

2014375_landconcern_post_no2_images_1920x958_04From concept rendering to finished touches, it was a team-driven project that was well worth the effort.