July 10, 2023
Jul 10 2023

We are excited to celebrate the appointment of several key leaders to our executive team at Land Concern. Our commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions and client experience remains steadfast, and these promotions demonstrate our ongoing investment in our people and the future of Land Concern.


Our executive suite embodies a team of remarkable leaders who have been instrumental in the ongoing success of Land Concern.

Christopher Hillstead, with over 35 years of experience, has been promoted to the role of CEO, bringing extensive expertise in delivering exceptional projects across master-planned communities, commercial spaces, and custom homes.

Taking charge as our COO, Mike Sweeney brings an impressive 45 years of experience, earning a strong reputation that attracts prominent developers to collaborate with our firm. With a focus on master-planned communities, Mike skillfully combines client desires, community needs, and environmental compatibility to create enduring design solutions.

Terri Koontzgay, our CFO, oversees the financial and internal operations of Land Concern with meticulous attention to detail. Her commitment to precision and efficiency ensures that our company operates on a solid foundation, providing the necessary support for our continuous growth and overall success.

Together, the executive leadership of Christopher Hillstead, Mike Sweeney, and Terri Koontzgay positions Land Concern for continued excellence and achievements in the landscape architecture industry. Their collective expertise, strategic vision, and dedication to delivering exceptional projects pave the way for ongoing success and client satisfaction.


We are happy to announce the promotion of Jill Sweeney to the position of Senior Principal. With her extensive years of experience and exceptional leadership qualities, Jill brings invaluable expertise to our design efforts. Her creative and practical approach has consistently led to the successful development of award-winning projects, including master-planned communities, parks, and retail sites.

Additionally, we are delighted to announce the well-deserved promotions of Akin Smith, Philip Stevens, and Garrett Bustos to the role of Principals. These individuals have made significant contributions to our firm, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication.

Akin Smith ensures the seamless execution of projects during the construction phase, leveraging his comprehensive design knowledge and strong leadership skills. His commitment to successful teamwork and collaboration with clients, consultants, and contractors guarantees projects that consistently exceed expectations.

Philip Stevens combines his design sense and technical skills to create dynamic community amenities and intimate residential designs. His unwavering focus on sustainable design solutions aligns perfectly with current trends, ensuring projects that are both enduring and environmentally conscious.

Meanwhile, Garrett Bustos is driven by a deep appreciation for the outdoors. His passion for practical and ecologically-driven solutions is evident in his work as a registered Landscape Architect. With a strong emphasis on high-performance landscape techniques and his proficiency in graphic representations and communication, Garrett contributes significantly to our organization’s growth and operations.

As the next generation of leadership at Land Concern, our team actively amplifies our firm’s voice and expertise in the industry. We are dedicated to expanding our influence and maintaining a legacy of excellence in every project we undertake.