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Akin Smith, PLA


Akin is an invaluable leader at Land Concern, involved in all project levels, from conceptual site plans to construction document preparation and entitlement process coordination. With a keen attention to detail and a deep understanding of design, Akin’s working drawings elevate our projects and ensure seamless implementation during construction. He actively coordinates with clients, consultants, suppliers, vendors, and contractors, fostering effective collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

As a graduate of Kansas State University with a BS in Landscape Architecture, Akin brings a unique combination of highly developed technical and software skills to his role. His expertise, coupled with his meticulous approach, enables him to deliver exceptional results. With Akin’s leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence, Land Concern consistently delivers projects that meet our clients’ vision and exceed expectations.


At Land Concern, we believe in delivering exceptional design and a truly unparalleled client experience. Our highly skilled team of landscape architects and designers collaborate closely with you to ensure your vision is not only beautifully realized, but also functional and tailored to your unique requirements.

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