When 5.5. acres of open space and fun exists right outside your door, there’s plenty of room for everyone to get out and about and explore every day together. The Backyard at Esencia extends far beyond any private yard, offering the young and young-at-heart top-notch amenities to play, socialize and enjoy.

The grand vision in creating this park was to provide residents with a vibrant outdoor alternative that makes room for everything. So, rather than designing a traditionally fenced-in recreation center, Land Concern introduced a stretch of lush green space that sprinkles an eclectic mix of amenities and features throughout.

Natural stone outcroppings line The Backyard’s 5.5-acre pathway, leading residents down a winding trail of natural fun in every direction. This space is knitted together by multiple covered gathering spaces, barbecues, toasty fire pits with suspended seating pods, a Free Little Library book exchange, picnic tables, and play areas. Land Concern integrated topography into the adventure playground, providing for hill slides, turf slides, hill climbing structures and a contemporary rope climber.

The Backyard is the perfect solution to optimizing outdoor space when private yard space is limited. This greenbelt of beautiful scenery encourages residents to connect to nature and, more importantly, connect with each other.