October 3, 2018
Oct 03 2018
The Hangout

Land Concern is all about bringing client visions to life, enhancing the sense of place and sparking new connections. So, when it came to transforming The Hangout at Esencia in Rancho Mission Viejo, we collaborated with Adam Tenenbaum, Rancho Mission Viejo and a team of developers to shine a new light on this outdoor wonderland.

Adam Tenenbaum, artist and creator of the Silver Lake chandelier tree, inspired Land Concern and Rancho Mission Viejo’s vision for The Hangout. Wanting to replicate the look and feel of Tenenbaum’s dazzling chandelier tree, Land Concern and Rancho Mission Viejo reached out to Tenenbaum and invited him to add his touch of whimsy to The Hangout scene. For Tenenbaum, what started as a passion project for his own home in 2010, evolved into a real-life fairytale for the residents and visitors at Rancho Mission Viejo.

Upon arrival to The Hangout, three grand oak trees – each decorated with a total of 56 chandeliers – draw you in and invite you to stay. With their expansive branches, these mature oaks take command of the landscape and, at night, charm anyone with their ambient lighting and warm glow. Plus, these trees provide coverage for The Hangout’s gathering area, canopying a Y-shaped communal table, a bar, fire pits, grills, picnic tables and pond. Whether it’s the twinkle of lights or enchanting atmosphere, The Hangout is the pinnacle for festive and cozy outdoor gatherings.

The Hangout is a place that conjures up magic, and it’s because of Land Concern, Rancho Mission Viejo and Tenenbaum that make it a dream come true for residents. This communal gathering space simultaneously enhances the sense of place and evokes the senses – a testament to Land Concern’s commitment to redefining and evolving landscape design.

At Land Concern, we’re committed to going above and beyond when it comes to providing clients with innovative and creative design solutions. It’s always a goal for us to create amazing landscapes but, more so, it’s a goal for us to create places that become extraordinary experiences. We tackle every project with an award-winning approach, and The Hangout at Esencia in Rancho Mission Viejo is no exception. To read more about the Silver Lake chandelier tree, check out the article featured in the Los Angeles Times.