August 11, 2017
Aug 11 2017

Magic Crack

By Land Concern

Magic Crack Feature

Cracks are an unavoidable reality when it comes to concrete, and the title may need a little explanation… in our industry we are always on the lookout for interesting tricks and tools of the trade, it may not seem like an exciting product, but to us, Magic Crack is everything.

Here at Land Concern, we deal with all the different variables within an environment including the use of concrete. As previously mentioned, cracks are unavoidable, however, did you know we implement crack control into our designs to guide the cracks as they form? This is primarily done using saw cutting or weakened plane joints which are formed while the concrete is still wet. However, what happens when factors beyond your control bring about cracks that deviate from the planned route? So glad you asked! Introducing the best thing since lasers – Magic Crack Filler!

Recently our principal, Rob Sawyer, was at Peterson Brother Construction, where he was given a fantastic promotional product to eradicate hairline cracks in concrete.

Simply pour this silica-based product and binder into the offending crack, dampen with a spray bottle and allow the activator in the silica to harden. This will leave you with a nearly non-existent crack.

Check out the photos below which should give you a good idea of its potential and just how easy Magic Crack is to use. We experimented on our entry flatwork, and a tile in our lobby. Much to our surprise the crack seems to have disappeared.

Who knows, maybe one day in the future we may look back with amazement that we ever had so much trouble with concrete cracking. “Why?” you may ask. Because the future is almost here, with self-healing concrete!

Magic Crack Entry

Magic Crack Tile