Located in Huntington Beach, Stacked is a unique and contemporary restaurant with a warm rustic industrial theme, complete with an outdoor bar and fireplace. Stacked offers customers a truly high tech dining experience in the heart of Orange County’s beach city, with natural elements such as wood and metal incorporated into the design.

Land Concern also created designs for Stacked in Cerritos where our vision was to create a place with a welcoming appeal; an inviting space that beckons pedestrians in. By using water wise landscape elements, textural planting and concrete planters housing Xanadu Fern and Berkley Sedge, the creative team modernized and transformed this former Denny’s restaurant into a thriving destination for its consumers to enjoy the perks of beach and outdoor living.

The exterior, complete with reclaimed wood and metal panel siding, is designed to be playful and inviting, and connect the up-to-date interior to the newly transformed exterior. The result is a friendly and fun space for you to relax and enjoy America’s favorite food.