Indoor outdoor living has new meaning at Cobalt at Esencia by the New Home Company. Where Bassenian Lagoni’s modern duplex architecture pairs well with Land Concern’s exemplary design for unique outdoor spaces, it’s here in these paired homes where young families have an opportunity to experience the best of everything — from the inside out.

Before this seamless blend of space and design came to fruition, Land Concern faced the challenge of transforming Cobalt’s limited square footage into a timeless destination for homeowners. This unique challenge not only fueled a fresh perspective, but it also sparked a creative design plan that maximized micro yards and demonstrated outdoor living in a variety of spaces.

Land Concern incorporated organic elements such as native foliage, wood and laser-cut metal panels to transform optional garage patios into outdoor living areas and private yard spaces into relaxing retreats. By space planning and using thoughtful design principles, like mixing materials and defining zones, these spaces become more open and inviting. And for the private yard space, natural stone flooring extends from the exterior of the house out, and then similar stone bricks are used to create a personal enclave. To further heighten the ambiance, a variety of hanging florals and greenery accent the wall, adding sophisticated touches of nature and calming energy to the space.

Small spaces offer the chance to get creative, and Cobalt was the perfect project for Land Concern to do what they do best – create lasting design solutions that enhance the sense of place.