Old Mission Place on El Camino Real is a new Almquist Development mixed-use destination in the historic downtown of San Juan Capistrano. This exciting new project is located on the former playhouse site and pays homage to the local flavor and storied past of the area. The building is designed to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding historic architecture and incorporates elements of Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial styles.

One of the most significant features of Old Mission Place is the much-needed parking structure. This will help alleviate the parking shortage in the downtown area, making it easier for people to visit local businesses and attractions. The outdoor spaces are designed to be welcoming and social, with a large plaza that will serve as a gathering spot for the community. The landscaping features native and climate-adapted plants, which will help conserve water and compliment the architecture.

Old Mission Place also ties into the City Gateway designed by Land Concern, creating a cohesive look and feel for the downtown area. Opposite the Inn at the Mission, this development is a must-see for both locals and visitors.


Rendering Credits: Bickel Group Architecture