September 14, 2016
Sep 14 2016

2014375_landconcern_post_no6_images_1920x958_01 The Georgian Lakeside is a visionary new community designed to provide assisted living and memory care support to aging residents, and Land Concern is excited to have been a part of creating the overall experience.

Nestled on the outer banks of Roswell, GA this community is surrounded by a lush and thriving landscape, and we made intrinsic use of a number of natural elements to promote a sense of relaxation and wellness.

Upon entering the site, residents and guests are greeted by a grand porte-cochere and soothing water feature with detailing that ties into the local setting. Large, mature trees surround the community and enhance the sense of place, while also promoting an overall awareness of environmental wellness.

2014375_landconcern_post_no6_images_1920x958_02Working together with the community, KTGY architects, and all of the teams involved, The Georgian Lakeside maximizes the site’s greatest outdoor amenity: the natural lake. By creating an overall sense of well-being and comfort, we sought to utilize many of the existing natural elements to encompass everything one would need to live a relaxed and easygoing lifestyle.

Renderings provided courtesy of KTGY Architects.